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“So You Think You Can Dance?”

I’m really stoked that so many people are finding me because of the song I sang on “So You Think You Can Dance.” First off, let me just say thank you for all the love. Now everyone is asking me where they can buy the song but because it was something I did with composer Stereo Lif especially for the show (and for Tommy Tibball’s dance), I cannot sell it at this time — though maybe if you guys keep asking them about it, they will want me to do more songs ;-). Nonetheless, since SYTYCD hired me based on my previous work, I’m hoping that you guys will enjoy some of my other tunes. I have several projects (sort of how James Mercer of The Shins is also in Broken Bells) etc.; so here are links to some singles I’ve done. There are also a few albums on this website (bandcamp) and on iTunes:

Thanks again so much for the kind words. Please stay connected to me via Facebook or Mailing list; I have a lot of new music coming out soon and a perhaps a trick or two up my sleeve:

Aaron Molho (Facebook Page)
The Phantom Dial (Facebook Page)
The Phantom Dial (Mailing List)

Thanks again everyone for the kind words and please stay in touch; I have a ton of new music in the works.

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